Mobile Leagues started as most good stories do: with a couple of folks meeting up for a beer and chatting away. Chad and Dan both own clubs that provide coed recreational sports leagues and social events to adults, and recognized there’s a missing component to the industry: a reliable way to communicate with their players about game updates and social events.

Both come from a strong technological background and decided to use their knowledge and experience to create a successful first-of-its-kind platform to allow club owners and managers to communicate directly with their players and teams.

The app is a straightforward, white-labeled app customized for each club/league, so that club owners and managers can tell their players to download their own branded app. For more information on the app and its features, visit our Features page.

Why Choose Mobile Leagues?

  • Communication – Built from the ground up for communication.
  • Collaboration – Started as a collaborative effort between clubs.
  • Technology – A combined 30+ years providing technology solutions.
  • Industry – 20+ years providing leagues in the industry.

My website is Mobile Responsive. Is that good enough?

No. Mobile Web pales in comparison to Native Applications. Apps are used 7 times longer than Mobile Web.